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Edward Archibald Markham was born in 1939 in Harris, Montserrat. His father moved to Montreal a few years later and became a Methodist minister. Markham and his siblings stayed on Montserrat with their mother. The family immigrated to England in 1956, where he studied at Kilburn Polytechnic, the University of Wales, Lampeter, the University of East Anglia, and the University of London. He was worked as a lecturer, primarily in the United Kingdom. He has also lived and worked in France, Papua and New Guinea, Germany and Sweden. He edited various magazines and directed a theatre group. He is primarily known as a poet but has also written many stories, three plays and a novel. He died in 2008.

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E A Markham
E A Markham
E A Markham


1972 Cross-Fire (poetry)
1973 Mad & Other Poems (poetry)
1976 Lambchops (as Paul St. Vincent) (poetry)
1976 Lambchops in Disguise (as Paul St. Vincent) (poetry)
1976 Philpot in the City (as Paul St. Vincent) (poetry)
1977 Master Class (poetry)
1978 Love Poems and Maze (poetry)
1978 The Lamp (poetry)
1979 Pierrot (story)
1980 Games and Penalties (poetry)
1982 Love, Politics and Food (poetry)
1984 Human Rites: Selected Poems, 1970-1982 (poetry)
1984 Family Matters (poetry)
1985 Lambchops in Papua New Guinea (poetry)
1986 Something Unusual (stories)
1986 Living in Disguise (poetry)
1989 Towards the End of a Century (poetry)
1991 Maurice V.’s Dido (poetry)
1993 Letter from Ulster and the Hugo Poems (poetry)
1994 Ten Stories
1995 Misapprehensions (poetry)
1998 A Papua New Guinea Sojourn: More Pleasures of Exile (memoirs)
1999 Marking Time (novel)
2000 Fragments of Memory (poetry)
2002 A Rough Climate (poetry)
2002 Taking the Drawing Room through Customs (stories)
2003 John Lewis & Co: A Little Play with Interludes (poetry)
2004 Lambchops: The Selected Poems of Paul St. Vincent and Sally Goodman (with Sally Goodman) (poetry)
2005 Meet Me in Mozambique (stories)
2006 At Home with Miss Vanesa (stories)
2006 Between Coleridge and Tommy Steele: A 1950’s Memoir
2008 Against the Grain: A 1950’s Memoir
2009 The Three Suitors of Fred Belair (stories)
2009 The Stories of E. A. Markham
2009 Looking Looking Out, Looking In: New and Selected Poems