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Garth St. Omer was born Roland E. Garth St. Omer Bush in 1931 in Castries, St Lucia. He studied at the University of West Indies, the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Columbia University and Princeton University, where he received a Ph. D. He worked at schools in France and Ghana, before becoming a full-time writer, and subsequently has been a professor of English at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has written four novels and numerous short stories.

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Garth St. Omer
Garth St. Omer


1968 A Room on the Hill
1968 Shades of Grey
1968 The Lights on the Hill (first published in Shades of Grey)
1969 Nor Any Country
1972 J–, Black Bam and the Masqueraders
2015 Prisnms