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V(idiadhar) S(urajprasad) Naipaul was born in Chaguanas, Trinidad in 1932. His father was a journalist and a writer of short stories. He won a scholarship to Oxford University but he was not particularly happy there. After Oxford, he worked for the BBC as a writer and editor. He started writing short stories but his first published book was the novel The Mystic Masseur. However, it was his fourth novel, A House for Mr. Biswas, which is often recognised as his most successful novel. He has since produced a body of work, consisting of stories, novels and travel writing. He won the Nobel Prize in 2001. He has come in for much criticism. He has been very harsh about many other writers, has been accused of showing little sympathy for the developing world and has been critical of Islam. He died in 2018.

Books about V S Naipaul

Patrick French: The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V. S. Naipaul

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1957 The Mystic Masseur
1958 The Suffrage of Elvira
1959 Miguel Street
1961 A House for Mr. Biswas
1962 The Middle Passage: Impressions of Five Societies–British, French, and Dutch–in the West Indies and South America
1963 Mr. Stone and the Knights Companion
1964 An Area of Darkness
1967 A Flag on the Island
1967 The Mimic Men
1969 The Loss of El Dorado: A History
1971 In a Free State
1972 The Overcrowded Barracoon and Other Articles
1975 Guerrillas
1977 India: A Wounded Civilization
1977 The Perfect Tenants and The Mourners
1979 A Bend in the River
1980 The Return of Eva Perón with The Killings in Trinidad
1980 A Congo Diary
1981 Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey
1984 Finding the Centre
1987 The Enigma of Arrival: A Novel in Five Sections
1989 A Turn in the South
1990 India: A Million Mutinies Now
1994 A Way in the World: A Sequence
1994 Bombay: Gateway of India
1998 Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions among the Converted Peoples
2000 Reading & Writing: A Personal Account
2001 Half a Life
2002 The Writer and the World: Essays
2001 Two Worlds: Nobel Lecture, December 7
2003 Literary Occasions
2004 Magic Seeds
2007 A Writer’s People: Ways of Looking and Feeling
2010 The Masque of Africa: Glimpses of African Belief
2011 Collected Short Fiction