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Leopoldo Brizuela was born in 1963 in La Plata. His mother was a teacher and journalist while his father worked for an oil company on oil tankers. His first stories were published when he was fourteen. He started studying literature and law at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, but did not complete his studies. He then took up singing lessons with Leda Valladares (link in Spanish) and became a singer. He then became a writer, writing a novel and a set of interviews with women singers. He continued to write and sing and also did translations from English but is now best known as a novelist. His works have not been translated into English.

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1985 Tejiendo agua (novel)
1987 Cantoras (libro de reportajes a Gerónima Sequeida y Leda Valladares)
1992 Cantar la vida (conversations with singers)
1992 Cómo se escribe una novel (with Edgardo Russo) (literature)
1993 Cómo se escribe un cuento (literature)
1995 Fado (poems)
1999 Inglaterra. Una fábula [England. A Fable] (novel)
2001 El placer de la cautiva (story)
2002 Los que llegamos más lejos (stories)
2010 Lisboa. Un melodrama (novel)
2012 Una misma noche (novel)
2012 La locura de Onelli (novel)
2018 Ensenada. Una memoria (memoir)