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Juan Filloy was born in Córdoba in 1894. He graduated from the University of Córdoba. After working as a caricaturist, he became a lawyer. His works, many of which have seven letter titles, and which include novels, drama, articles, stories, history and poetry, were relatively unknown, even in Argentina, till recent years. They tend to be parodies, language games, witty. Indeed, they might be considered post-modern before there was post-modern. He went for thirty years without publishing but resumed in his seventies. He died in 2000, aged 106.

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1930 Periplo
1931 ¡Estafen! [Swindle!]
1932 Balumba
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1939 Finesse
1971 Ignitus
1971 Yo, yo y yo
1972 Los Ochoa
1973 La potra
1973 Usaland
1975 Vil & Vil
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1980 Tal cual
1982 L’Ambigú
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