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Juan José Saer was born in Serodino, in Santa Fe province in 1937. His parents were Catholic and from Syria. His father ran various shops. The family moved to Santa Fe in 1948. Saer worked as a journalist and then started writing poetry. His first book of stories was influenced by Borges. He moved to the coastal resort of Colastiné Norte, where he wrote four more books. At this time he was teaching cinema at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe. In 1968 he obtained a grant from the Alliance Française to go to Paris. He planned to stay for six months but ended up staying there permanently, though still frequently visiting Argentina. It was in Paris that he wrote his best-known books, quite a few of which have been translated into English. He died of lung cancer in Paris in 2005 and is buried in the Père-Lachaise cemetery.

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1960 En la zona (stories)
1963 Responso (novel)
1965 Palo y hueso (stories)
1966 La vuelta completa (novel)
1967 Unidad de lugar
1969 Cicatrices (Scars) (novel)
1974 El limonero real (The Regal Lemon Tree ) (novel)
1976 La mayor (The One Before )(stories)
1977 El arte de narrar: poemas, 1960/1975 (poetry)
1980 Nadie nada nunca (Nobody Nothing Never) (novel)
1983 El entenado (The Witness) (novel)
1986 Glosa (The Sixty-Five Years of Washington) (novel)
1987 La ocasión (The Event) (novel)
1991 El río sin orillas: tratado imaginario (essay)
1992 Lo imborrable (novel)
1994 La pesquisa (novel)
1997 Las nubes (The Clouds) (novel)
1997 El concepto de ficción (literature)
1999 La narración-objeto (literature)
2000 Lugar (stories)
2001 Cuentos completos (stories)
2005 La grande (La Grande) (novel)
2005 Trabajos (essay)
2012 Borradores inéditos: Papeles de trabajo (unpublished work)
2013 Borradores inéditos: Papeles de trabajo II (unpublished work)
2013 Borradores inéditos: 3: Poemas (unpublished work)
2013 Borradores inéditos: 4: Ensayos (unpublished work)
2017 A medio borrar (stories)