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Manuel Puig was born in 1933. He started out as a film-maker, after having received a scholarship to attend a film-making course in Rome, and only turned to writing when he did not have any success. He left Argentina in 1973 to live in Mexico, after having repeatedly been threatened. He subsequently moved to Rio de Janeiro but later moved back to Mexico where he died in 1990. His novels very much show his love for the cinema as well as his concern for the political situation in Argentina. His most successful novel, El beso de la mujer araña (Kiss of the Spider Woman), has also been a successful play, film and musical.

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Manuel Puig
Manuel Puig
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Manuel Puig (b. 1932 Argentina)
Manuel Puig (in Spanish)
Manuel Puig (in Spanish)
Manuel Puig (in Spanish)
Manuel Puig (in Spanish)


1968 La Traición de Rita Hayworth (Betrayed by Rita Hayworth)
1972 Boquitas pintadas (Heartbreak Tango)
1973 The Buenos Aires affair (The Buenos Aires Affair)
1976 El beso de la mujer araña (Kiss of the Spider Woman)
1979 Pubis angelical (Pubis angelical)
1980 El otro (cinema script)
1981 Maldición eterna a quien lea estas páginas (Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages)
1982 Sangre de amor correspondido (Blood of Requited Love)
1983 Bajo un munto de estrellas (Under a Mantle of Stars)
1985 La cara del villano ; Recuerdos de Tijuana (drama)
1988 Cae la noche tropical (Tropical Night Falling)
1993 Estertores de una década, Nueva York ’78 ; seguido de Bye-bye, Babilonia : crónicas de Nueva York, Londres y París
1993 Los ojos de Greta Garbo
1997 Bajo un manto de estrellas ; El misterio del ramo de rosas (Mystery of a Rose Bouquet) (drama)
1998 Triste golondrina macho; Amor del bueno; Muy señor mío