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Sara Gallardo was born in 1931 in Buenos Aires. Her father was the historian Guillermo Gallardo and her grandfather a scientist and government minister. Her sister became a publisher and her brother a journalist. Growing up, she had access to a good library of books at home. She worked as a journalist and travelled round the world for her job. She was particularly distraught at the death of her second husband, H. A. Murena, and setted down near Córdoba in a house given to her by the writer Manuel Mujica Lainez. She subsequently went to Spain where she wrote her last book. On her return to Argentina, she died following an asthma attack in 1988. After her death, her work was almost completely forgotten but a renewed interest in her work after 2000 has meant that her work is now deservedly recognised.

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1958 Enero (January) (novel)
1963 Pantalones azules (novel)
1968 Los galgos, los galgos (novel)
1971 Eisejuaz (novel)
1974 Los dos amigos (children’s)
1974 Teo y la T.V. (children’s)
1975 Las siete puertas (children’s)
1975 Historia de los galgos (novel)
1977 El país del humo (Land of Smoke) (stories)
1979 La rosa en el viento (novel)
1987 Páginas de Sara Gallardo (articles)
2016 Macaneos. Las columnas de Confirmado (articles)
2018 Los oficios (articles)