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Edmundo Paz Soldán born in 1967 in Cochabamba. He studied international relations in Buenos Aires, by which time he had already started writing. He then studied political science at the University of Alabama. His first book, a book of short stories, appeared the year before he graduated. He went to take a doctorate in Hispanic Language and Literature at Berkeley, with a thesis on Alcides Arguedas, published as a book in 2003. He has gone on to write novels, short stories and articles in the press. Since 1991 he has been a professor of Latin American literature at Cornell.

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1990 Las máscaras de la nada (stories)
1992 Días de papel (novel)
1994 Desapariciones (stories)
1997 Alrededor de la torre (novel)
1998 Río fugitivo (novel)
1998 Dochera y otros cuentos (stories)
1998 Amores imperfectos (stories)
1999 Simulacros (stories)
2000 Sueños digitales (novel)
2002 La materia del deseo (The Matter of Desire) (novel)
2003 El delirio de Turing (Turing’s Delirium) (novel)
2003 Alcides Arguedas y la narrativa de la nación enferma (literature)
2006 Palacio Quemado (novel)
2006 Norte (stories)
2008 Lazos de familia (stories)
2009 Los vivos y los muertos [The Living and the Dead] (novel)
2009 La puerta cerrada y otros cuentos (stories)
2011 Norte (Norte) (novel)
2012 Billie Ruth (stories)
2014 Iris (novel)
2014 Las dos ciudades (novel)
2015 Segundas oportunidades (literature)
2016 Tiburón : una antología personal
2016 Las visiones (stories)
2017 Los días de la peste (novel)