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Graciliano Ramos was born in 1892 in Quebrángulo. He spent most of life in Palmeira dos Índios, where he ran the general store and was prefect and, subsequently, manager of the official printing office and director of public education. He was primarily self-educated, reading classic works on his own. After the success of São Bernardo (São Bernardo), published in 1934, he was arrested in 1936 and imprisoned on a penal island. The charges were never made clear though he was suspected of being a communist and, in fact, joined the Communist Party in 1945. After being released ten months later he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he held a minor education official post. He was twice married and had seven children. He died in Rio in 1953. He said that the things he did not like included radio, telephones, the middle class, capitalism and people who speak loudly. His favourite reading was the Bible.

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1933 Caetés
1934 São Bernardo (São Bernardo)
1936 Angustia (Anguish)
1938 Vidas Secas (Barren Lives)
1941 A Terra dos Meninos Pelados
1942 Brandão Entre o Mar e o Amor (with Jorge Amado, José Lins do Rego, Rachel de Queiroz e Aníbal Machado)
1944 Alexandre e outros heróis (originally published as Histórias de Alexandre)
1945 Infáncia (Childhood)
1945 Dois Dedos
1946 Histórias Incompletas
1947 Insônia
1951 Histórias Verdadeiras
1953 Memórias do Cárcere
1954 Viagem
1960 Pequena História da República
1960 Histórias agrestes
1961 Trechos escolhidos
1962 Viventes de Alagoas
1962 Alexandre e outros Heróis
1962 Linhas tortas
1980 Cartas
1984 O Estribo de Prata
1992 Cartas a Heloísa
2000 Um Cinturão