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Roberto Bolaño was born in Santiago in 1953. He travelled around a lot, first moving to Mexico at the age of fifteen with his family, where he became a journalist and a Trotskyite. He returned to Chile but was caught up in the resistance to Pinochet and was arrested. Some friends got him out of prison and he fled to El Salvador, before moving to Spain in 1977. He worked at a variety of odd jobs in France and Spain before obtaining literary success with Los Detectives Salvajes (The Savage Detectives). He spent much of the rest of his life in Blanes, near Gerona, and died in 2003 of liver failure. He has written poems, short stories and novels.

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1976 Reinventar el amor (poetry)
1984 Consejos de un discípulo de Morrison a un fanático de Joyce [Advice from a Disciple of Morrison and a Fan of Joyce] (with A G Porta) (novel)
1984 La senda de los elefantes (later: Monsieur Pain) (Monsieur Pain) (novel)
1993 La pista de hielo (The Skating Rink) (novel)
1995 El último salvaje (poetry)
1996 Estrella distante (Distant Star) (novel)
1996 Literatura nazi en América (Nazi Literature in the Americas) (novel)
1997 Llamadas telefónicas (stories)
1998 Los Detectives Salvajes (The Savage Detectives) (novel)
1999 Amuleto (Amulet) (novel)
2000 Tres (Tres) (poetry)
2000 Nocturno de Chile (By Night in Chile) (novel)
2000 Los perros románticos: Poemas 1980-1998 (The Romantic Dogs) (poetry)
2001 Putas asesinas (stories)
2002 Amberes (Antwerp) (novel)
2002 Una novelita lumpen (A Little Lumpen Novelita) (novel)
2003 El gaucho insufrible (The Insufferable Gaucho) (stories/essays)
2004 Entre paréntesis (Between Parentheses) (essays/articles)
2004 2666 (2666) (novel)
2006 Last Evenings on Earth (story selection)
2007 El secreto del mal (The Secret of Evil) (stories/essays)
2007 La universidad desconocida (The Unknown University) (poetry)
2010 The Return (story selection)
2010 El Tercer Reich (The Third Reich) (novel)
2011 Los sinsabores del verdadero policía (Woes of the True Policeman) (novel)
2016 El espíritu de la ciencia-ficción (The Spirit of Science Fiction)
2017 Sepulcros de Vaqueros (Cowboy Graves) (stories)
2018 Poesía reunida (poetry)
2018 Cuentos completos (stories)
2018 A la intemperie: Colaboraciones periodísticas, intervenciones públicas y ensayos (articles, essays)