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Marta Brunet was born in Chillán in 1897. Her father was Chilean and her mother Spanish. The family moved to Victoria, in the South of Chile, where her father had a farm. In 1911 the family did a grand tour of Europe, returning to Chile in 1914 because of World War 1 but visiting other Latin American countries on their way back. The family returned to Chillán in 1919, where Marta started writing her first poetry and stories. She then wrote her first novel, which received good reviews. However, in 1924 her father died and her mother had a nervous breakdown. In 1925, she moved to Santiago, where she acted as a correspondent for the El Sur newspaper and some of her stories were published in other newspapers. She joined a theatre company, was the editor of Familia magazine and then became an honorary consul in La Plata. She would later become Third and then Second Secretary in the Chilean embassy in Buenos Aires. She continued to publish novels, stories and poems. She died in 1967, having never married. Only one of her works – a story published in an anthology – has been published in English.

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Marta Brunet
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Marta Brunet (in Spanish)
Marta Brunet (in Spanish)


1923 Montaña adentro
1926 Bestia dañina
1926 Don Florisondo
1927 María Rosa, flor de Quillén
1929 Bienvenido
1930 Reloj de sol
1931 La hermanita hormiga: tratado de arte culinario
1938 Cuentos para Marisol
1943 Aguas abajo
1946 Humo hacia el sur [Smoke Towards the South]
1946 La mampara
1949 Raíz del seño
1957 María Nadie [Maria Nobody]
1957 Novia del aire
1960 Aleluyas para los más chiquititos
1962 Amasijo
1962 Obras completas
1967 Soledad de la sangre (Solitude of Blood)
1970 La ballena: cuentos
1972 La flor del cobre