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Diamela Eltit was born in Santiago, in 1949. She studied Spanish literature at the Universidad Católica de Chile and later did post-graduate studies at the University of Chile. She became a school teacher and then a university teacher. She has subsequently taught at universities in Chile and elsewhere.

Eltit remained in Chile after the Pinochet coup and when things had settled down somewhat, she became involved with the CADA (Colectivo Acciones de Arte), a group which challenged the Pinochet orthodoxy.She published her first work, a collection of essays, in 1980, though she had earlier started writing fiction. Her first novel – Lumpérica (E. Luminata) – was not published till 1983. Since then she has published essays and novels. She was, for three years, Chilean cultural attaché in Mexico. Her works hae appeared on various best-of lists. Several of her novels have been translated into English.

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1980 Una milla de cruces sobre el pavimento (essays)
1983 Lumpérica (E. Luminata) (novel)
1986 Por la patria (novel)
1988 El cuarto mundo (The Fourth World) (novel)
1989 El padre mío (book of testimonies)
1991 Vaca sagrada (Sacred Cow) (novel)
1994 El infarto del alma (Soul’s Infarct) (documentary)
1994 Los vigilantes (Custody of the Eyes) (novel)
1994 Crónica del sufragio femenino en Chile (politics)
1998 Los trabajadores de la muerte (novel)
2000 Emergencias. Escritos sobre literatura, arte y política (essays)
2002 Mano de obra (novel)
2005 Puño y letra (literature)
2007 Jamás el fuego nunca (Never Did the Fire) (novel)
2007 Signos vitales. Escritos sobre literatura, arte y política (essays)
2010 Impuesto a la carne (novel)
2012 Antología personal
2013 Fuerzas especiales (novel)
2016 Réplicas. Escritos sobre literatura, arte y política (essays)
2018 Sumar (novel)