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Rodolfo Arias Formoso


Rodolfo Arias Formoso was born in San José in 1956. He took a degree in computers from the University of Costa Rica, where he later taught. He has since worked as a consultant in computing matters, with special emphasis on the legal aspects of computing. He is a first-class chess player. He has written novels, short stories, essays and articles in the press.

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1991 El Emperador Tertuliano y la Legión de los Superlimpios (novel)
1996 Vamos para Panamá (novel)
2002 Retrato de Joaquín Gutiérrez (biography)
2007 Te llevaré en mis ojos (novel)
2010 La Madriguera (stories)
2013 Guirnaldas (bajo tierra) [Garlands (Underground)] (novel)
2016 Si ti vino mea cuerdo (stories)