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Edmundo Desnoes was born in 1930 in Havana. After education in Cuba, he went to study in New York but never completed his studies. He then moved to Venezuela, where he taught English and then to the United States, where he worked as a journalist for the magazine Visión. Since returning to Cuba in 1959, he has worked in various literary jobs, including editor, literary journalist and in various official jobs. As well as novels, essays and art criticism, he also co-wrote the screenplay for his novel Memorias del subdesarrollo (Inconsolable Memories; Memories of Underdevelopment) with Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, the director. He died in 2023.

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1952 Todo está en el fuego
1961 No hay problema
1961 La Sierra y el llano
1963 Lam: azul y negro
1964 Guianí, indio agricultor
1965 El cataclismo
1965 La casa de Hemingway
1965 Memorias del subdesarrollo (Inconsolable Memories; Memories of Underdevelopment)
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1967 Now: el movimiento negro en Estados Unidos
1967 Para verte mejor, América Latina (photos by Paolo Gasparini)
2007 Memorias del desarrollo (Memories of Development)