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Jorge Enrique Lage was born in 1979 in Havana. His grandmother was Iris Davila (link in Spanish) , a well-known novelist and writer of radio plays. He studied biochemistry at the University of Havana. He is the editor of the magazine El cuentero and an editor at the publishing house Caja China. He has published stories and novels, one of which has been translated into English.

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2004 Yo fui un adolescente ladrón de tumbas (stories)
2004 Fragmentos encontrados en La Rampa (stories)
2005 Los ojos de fuego verde (stories)
2007 El color de la sangre diluida (stories)
2010 Carbono 14, una novela de culto (novel)
2011Vultureffect (stories)
2014 The La Autopista: The Movie (Freeway- La Movie) (novel)
2015 Archivo (novel)
2020 Everglades (novel)