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Rita Indiana was born in Santo Domingo in 1977. She is the great-niece of the soprano Ivonne Haza. She started her literary career publishing poetry in a literary magazine before publishing her first prose work, a collection of stories. She followed up with several well-received novels, using local slang. She then formed an alternative merengue band, Rita Indiana y los Misterios. She is openly gay (link in Spanish).

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1998 Rumiantes (stories)
2000 La estrategia de Chochueca (novel)
2001 Ciencia Succión (stories)
2005 Papi (novel)
2013 Nombres y Animales (novel)
2015 La mucama de Omicunlé (Tentacle)
2017 Cuentos y poemas (1998-2003) (stories and poetry)
2018 Hecho en Saturno (Made in Saturn) (novel)