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Jorge Icaza was born in 1906 in Quito. He studied at the Central University and the National Conservatory. He started off as an actor and a playwright, while working for the Treasury. When his play El Dictador was criticised by the government, he took up fiction-writing and also opened a bookshop. His first novel, Huasipungo (Huasipungo; US: Huasipungo. The Villagers), which was highly critical of the landowners and took the side of the peasants, particularly the Indians, had considerable success and is now recognised as being one of the greatest Ecuadorian novels. He wrote other novels but never repeated the success of his first novel. During the Seventies, he represented his country as a diplomat in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. He died in 1978.

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1928 El intruso (drama)
1929 La comedia sin nombre (drama)
1930 Por el Viejo (drama)
1931 ¿Cuál es? (drama)
1931 Como ellos quieren (drama)
1932 Sin Sentido (drama)
1933 El dictador (drama)
1933 Barro de la Sierra (short stories)
1934 Huasipungo (Huasipungo; US: Huasipungo. The Villagers) (novel)
1935 En las calles (novel)
1936 Flagelo (drama)
1937 Cholos (novel)
1942 Media vida deslumbrados (novel)
1948 Hijos del viento (Huairapamushcas) (novel)
1952 Seis relatos (short stories)
1958 El chulla Romero y Flores [The Lad Romero and Flores] (novel)
1960 Viejos cuentos (short stories)
1972 Atrapados (novel)
1984 Mama Pacha (novel)
1993 Cabuyas (short stories)