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Gioconda Belli was born in Managua in 1948. Her father was a well-to-do businessman while her mother was a theatre director. She was sent to school in Spain and then went to the United States to learn English, though she had wanted to study medicine. She then studied advertising and returned to Nicaragua to become the first woman advertising account executive. It was in this capacity that she got to know members of the Sandinistas as well as various writers and artists. She soon started writing her own poetry. She joined the Sandinistas, while keeping up her role as a member of the upper class. She published her first book of poetry but became more and more involved in the Sandinistas and had to leave the country in 1975 for fear of being arrested by the authorities. She lived in Mexico and Costa Rica and continued her support for the Sandinistas as well as writing poetry.

After the Sandinista revolution in 1979, she returned to Nicaragua. She became director of the national television network and then director of the national advertising system. After marrying a US journalist in 1987, she started writing novels. After the Sandinistas’ electoral defeat in 1990, she and her husband moved to the United States. She has continued writing novels and poetry and has also written a children’s book.

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1972 Sobre la grama (poetry)
1978 Línea de fuego (poetry)
1982 Truenos y arco iris (poetry)
1985 Amor insurrecto (poetry)
1987 De la costilla de Eva (From Eve’s Rib) (poetry)
1988 La mujer habitada (The Inhabited Woman) (novel)
1989 Poesía reunida (poetry)
1990 Sofía de las presagios (novel)
1991 El ojo de la mujer (poetry)
1992 Sortilegio contra el frío (poetry)
1994 El taller de las mariposas (The Butterfly Workshop) (children’s)
1996 Waslala (novel)
1998 Apogeo (poetry)
2001 El país bajo mi piel (The Country Under My Skin: A Memoir of Love and War) (memoirs)
2002 Mi íntima multitud (poetry)
2005 Esto es amor: poesía erótica reunida 1970 – 2005 (poetry)
2005 El pergamino de la seducción (The Scroll of Seduction) (novel)
2007 Fuego soy apartado y espada puesta lejos (poetry)
2008 El infinito en la palma de la mano (Infinity in the Palm of her Hand: A Novel of Adam and Eve) (novel)
2010 El país de las mujeres (novel)
2011 Escándalo de miel (poetry)
2013 En la avanzada juventud (poetry)
2014 Sobre la grama (poetry)
2014 El intenso calor de la luna (novel)
2015 De la costilla de Eva y otros poemas (poetry)
2016 Cuando floreció la risa (children’s)
2017 La niña que tenía las lágrimas más grandes del mundo (children’s)
2018 Rebeliones y revelaciones (feminism)
2018 Las fiebres de la memoria (novel)
2020 El pez rojo que nada en el pecho (poetry)
2020 Una mujer furiosamente piel (poetry)
2022 Luciérnagas (essay)
2023 El país de las mujeres (novel)
2024 Toda la poesía (1974-2020)