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Rogelio Sinán was born Bernardo Domínguez Alba in 1902 on Isla Taboga. (At the time of his birth, Panama was still part of Colombia so he often gave his date of birth as 1904, the year after Panamanian independence.) He graduated in humanities from the Instituto Nacional de Panamá. After studying in Chile, he went to Rome, where he continued his studies. His first poetry collection was published in Rome. He returned to Panama to work as a teacher, till he was appointed Panamanian consul in Calcutta. On returning to Panama he held various government posts. He produced several collections of poetry and short stories and wrote two novels. He died in 1994.

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1929 Onda (poetry)
1937 La cucarachita mandinga (children’s drama)
1944 Incendio (poetry)
1946 Todo un conflicto de sangre: Novela corta inédita; A la orilla de las estatuas maduras: Cuentos (stories)
1947 Dos aventuras en el lejano oriente (stories)
1947 Plenilunio [Full Moon] (novel)
1949 Semana Santa en la niebla (poetry)
1954 La boina roja (stories)
1957 Los pájaros del sueño (stories)
1959 Los valores humanos en la lírica de Maples Arce (essay)
1961 Chiquilinga (children’s drama)
1963 Cuna común (stories)
1969 Saloma sin salomar (poetry)
1971 Cuentos de Rogelio Sinán (stories)
1979 La isla mágica (novel)
1982 El candelabro de los malos ofidios y otros cuentos (stories)
1982 Homenaje a Rogelio Sínan
2000 Poesía completa de Rogelio Sinán (poetry)