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Ciro Alegría was born in Sartimbaba in the Libertad province, in the North-East of Peru, in 1909. His parents ran a hacienda and were, apparently, more enlightened towards the native and mestizo peasants who worked on their farm than many other farm owners. He studied under César Vallejo while at school. While at university, he joined the Aprista Party, a Marxist group. He helped organise a rebellion, for which he was jailed and tortured. After getting out, he organised another rebellion and was again jailed but was released under an amnesty. He continued his revolutionary activities and was deported to Chile, where he took up writing and wrote his best-known works. He received a prize in the US for El mundo es ancho y ajeno (Broad and Alien Is the World) and lived there for eight years, working for a press agency and teaching at Columbia University. He then moved to Puerto Rico and then to Havana, before returning to Peru, where he was elected a member of parliament. He died in 1967. His widow undertook publication of all of his work that had not been published. He will be remembered for his novels that are sympathetic to the plight of the native population.

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1935 La serpiente de oro (The Golden Serpent) (novel)
1939 Los perros hambrientos (novel)
1940 La leyenda del nopal (children’s)
1941 El mundo es ancho y ajeno (Broad and Alien Is the World) (novel)
1950 Las aventuras de Machu Picchu (stories)
1962 Duelo de caballeros (stories)
1968 Panki y el guerrero (children’s)
1969 Gabriela Mistral íntima (literature)
1969 Sueño y verdad de América (stories)
1969 La ofrenda de piedra (stories/novel fragments)
1969 Siempre hay caminos (novel)
1969 El dilema de Krause (novel)
1971 La revolución cubana: un testimonio personal (politics)
1973 Lázaro (novel)
1976 Mucha suerte con harto palo (autobiography)
1978 Siete cuentos quirománticos (stories)
1979 El sol de los jaguares (stories)
1982 Fábulas y leyendas americanas (fables)
1985 Sueño y verdad de América. (children’s)
1986 Fitzcarraldo, el dios del oro negro (children’s)
1986 Sacha en el reino de los árboles (children’s)
1986 Nace un niño en los Andes (children’s)
1987 Once animales con alma y uno con garras (children’s)
1989 El ave invisible que canta en la noche (children’s)
2007 Mi alforja de caminante (children’s)
2008 El zorro y el conejo (children’s)