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Jorge Eduardo Eielson was born in Lima in 1924. His father was a US national of Scandinavian origin, who died when his son was seven, and his mother from Lima. Eielson showed an early interest in the arts, playing the piano and drawing and sketching. He became involved in artistic circles in Lima and was also interested in the early civilisations of Lima. He was now becoming a successful poet, dramatist and painter At this time he won a scholarship from the French government and went to Paris. after some success there, he then went to Switzerland and then on to Italy, where he settled in Rome. While in Rome he wrote many of his poems and his two novels. He met a young Sardinian artist Michele Mulas and they stayed together for the rest of his life. They lived in various Italian cities but also went to Paris, New York and Peru. Mulas died of leukemia in 2002 and Eielson died in 2006 in Milan. He is recognised as a poet and artist, though his two novels are out of print

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1945 Reinos (poetry)
1959 Canción y muerte de Rolando (poetry)
1967 Mutatis mutandis (poetry)
1971 El cuerpo de Giulia-no [The Body of Julia-n] (novel)
1976 Poesía escrita (poetry)
1989 Poesía escrita (poetry)
1989 Noche oscura del cuerpo (poetry)
1996 Antología (poetry)
1997 Nudos (poetry)
1998 Poesía escrita (poetry)
2000 Sin título (poetry)
2001 Celebración (poetry)
2002 Canto visibile (poetry)
2002 Nudos (poetry)
2002 La vida es una obra maestra (poetry)
2002 Primera muerte de María (novel)
2005 Arte poética, antología (poetry)
2005 Del absoluto amor y otros poemas sin título (poetry)
2005 De materia verbalis (poetry)
2008 Habitación en Roma, (poetry)
2008 Pytx (poetry)
2009 Habitación en Roma (poetry)
2009 Poeta en Roma (poetry)
2009 Acto final (drama) (published in Poeta en Roma)
2012 Maquillage (drama)