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Gervasio Posadas Mañe was born in 1962 in Montevideo. His father was a diplomat and served in Argentina, UK and the Soviet Union. Posadas himself settled in Spain where he worked in advertising before becoming a full-time writer. He has written several books, including one with his sister Carmen. One of his books has been translated into English

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2007 El secreto del gazpacho
2009 Hoy caviar, mañana sardinas
2009 La venganza es dulce y además no engorda
2009 Doctor Mateo
2010 Pájaros de Papel
2013 Niki Zas y el retrete núclear
2016 El mentalista de Hitler (The Clairvoyant: The Man Who Predicted Hitler’s Rise to Power)
2020 El mercader de la muerte