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Mario Levrero was born in Montevideo in 1940. His father worked in high-class shops open only for foreigners and taught English in the evening. Levrero started work as a bookseller in a bookshop run by a friend. He was also interested in cinema and photography and made some amateur films and became an active photographer. He also published humorous articles for a newspaper and worked for an entertainment magazine. He complied crosswords and brain-teasers. He was interested in ESP and parapsychology.

He published numerous stories and novels , often influenced by science fiction and crime novels, though humour was also important in his work. He was shy and generally refused to give interviews. He died in 2004.

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1968 Gelatina (story)
1970 La máquina de pensar en Gladys (The Machine for Thinking about Gladys) (stories)
1970 La ciudad (novel)
1975 Nick Carter se divierte mientras el lector es asesinado y yo agonizo (story)
1978 Manual de parapsicología
1980 París (novel)
1982 Todo el tiempo (story)
1982 El lugar (novel)
1983 Aguas salobres (story)
1986 Caza de conejos (story)
1986 Los muertos (story)
1986 Santo Varón/I (comic, art by Lizan)
1987 Espacios libres (stories)
1987 Fauna / Desplazamientos (short novels)
1988 Los profesionales (comic, art by Lizan)
1992 El portero y el otro (story)
1996 El alma de Gardel (novel)
1996 El discurso vacío, (Empty Words) (novel)
1998 Dejen todo en mis manos (novel)
2001 Ya que estamos (story)
2001 Irrupciones I (articles)
2001 Irrupciones II (articles)
2003 Los carros de fuego (story)
2005 La novela luminosa (The Luminous Novel) (novel)
2010 La Banda del Ciempiés (novel)
2013 Diario de un canalla / Burdeos, 1972 (novel)
2013 Irrupciones (story)
2016 Los profesionales, historieta con dibujos de Lizán. 1988
Historietas reunidas de Jorge Varlotta (comic)
2018 Noveno piso (stories)
2018 Cuentos cansados (stories)
2019 Cuentos completos de Mario Levrero (stories)