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Brian Burland was born in Bermuda in 1931. His father owned a construction company. In 1944, he went to England to attend school and then to Canada to go to university. He dropped out and then went to Ireland, before returning to Bermuda when his father died. He worked for his father’s construction company, before selling his share to become a writer. His first novel was for children but he went on to write a series of novels for adults, which were well received but did not sell particularly well. He wrote several novels that have not been published. He died in 2010, with all his novels out of print in Bermuda.

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1964 St. Nicholas and the Tub (children’s)
1968 A Fall from Aloft
1969 A Few Flowers for St. George
1971 Undertow
1973 The Sailor and the Fox
1974 Surprise
1975 Stephen Decatur, the Devil, and the Endymion
1980 The Flight of the Cavalier
1985 Love is a Durable Fire
1987 Whatwanderwith