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Hubert Aquin was born in Montreal in 1929. He studied under the Jesuits and then read philosophy at the University of Montreal. He spent three years at the l’Institut d’études politiques in Paris before returning to Montreal where he worked first for Radio Canada and then the Canadian Film Board. He started working for the Montreal Stock Exchange while at the same time, working for Quebec independence. He was arrested for possessing an illegal weapon and sentenced to prison, where he wrote Prochain épisode (Next Episode). After his release, he had increasing conflicts with the law. He was expelled from Switzerland (at the intervention of the Canadian police, he claimed) and split off from the main Quebec independence movement, which he felt was not radical enough. He continued to publish novels and verse, taught literature at various universities and became literary direction of Editions la Presse from which he resigned eighteen months later, accusing the managing editor of being an agent of the colonial power. The following year – 1977 – he killed himself, saying that everything is now finished.

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1965 Prochain épisode (Next Episode)
1968 Trou de mémoire (Blackout)
1969 L’antiphonaire (The Antiphonary)
1971 Point de fuite
1974 Neige noire (Hamlet’s Twin)
1977 Blocs erratiques
1988 Writing Quebec: Selected Essays
1991 L’invention de la mort
1992 Journal, 1948-1971
1995 Mélanges littéraires I: profession: écrivain
1995 Mélanges littéraires II: comprendre dangeureusement
1997 Confession d’un héros: Le choix des armes; La toile d’araignée (drama)
1998 Récits et nouvelles: tout est miroir