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Douglas Coupland was born in 1961 in West Germany as a Canadian citizen. From the age of four, he lived in Vancouver. He studied sculpture and fine art in Canada and then Japan. In Japan he studied business and industrial design. He worked briefly as a sculptor and had a show at Vancouver Art Gallery. He started freelance writing for a local newspaper. After writing an article on Generation X, he wrote a comic strip about it with Paul Leroche. St. Martin’s Press then asked him to write a guide to Generation X but, instead, he wrote the novel Generation X . He has written many books since but will be remembered as the spokesman for a generation, a tag he eschews.

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1991 Generation X (novel)
1992 Shampoo Planet (novel)
1994 Life After God (novel)
1995 Microserfs (novel)
1996 Polaroids from the Dead (stories and essays)
1998 Girlfriend in a Coma (novel)
1998 Lara’s Book: Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider Phenomenon
1999 Miss Wyoming (novel)
2000 City of Glass (essays on Vancouver)
2001 God Hates Japan (novel)
2001 All Families Are Psychotic (novel)
2002 Souvenir of Canada (on Canada)
2002 School Spirit (encounter with artist Pierre Huyghe)
2003 Hey Nostradamus! (novel)
2004 Souvenir of Canada 2 (on Canada)
2004 Eleanor Rigby (novel)
2005 Terry (biography)
2006 jPod (novel)
2007 The Gum Thief (novel)
2009 Generation A (novel)
2009 Extraordinary Canadians: Marshall McLuhan
2010 Player One (novel)
2014 Worst. Person. Ever. (novel)
2016 Bit Rot (novel)
2018 Machines will Make Better Choices than Humans