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Carol Shields was actually born in the USA – in Oak Park, Illinois – in 1935. After receiving her M.A. in Ottawa, she married a Canadian professor of civil engineering, called Donald Shields and moved to Canada. As well as bringing up five children, she has been a university teacher, most recently a professor at the University of Manitoba. As well as writing novels, she has also written plays, poetry and criticism. She is best known for her life-affirming novels about women and their role in the world. She died in 2003.

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Carol Shields
Carol Shields
Carol Shields
Shields, Carol
The protean and prolific Carol Shields


1972 Others (poems)
1974 Intersect (poems)
1976 Small Ceremonies (novel)
1976 Susanna Moodie: Voice and Vision (criticism)
1977 The Box Garden (novel)
1980 Happenstance (novel)
1982 A Fairly Conventional Woman (novel)
1985 Various Miracles (stories)
1989 The Orange Fish (stories)
1987 Swann (UK: Mary Swann) (novel)
1990 Departures and Arrivals (drama)
1991 A Celibate Season (novel)
1992 Coming to Canada (poems)
1992 The Republic of Love (novel)
1993 Thirteen Hands: A Play in Two Acts
1994 The Stone Diaries (novel)
1995 Fashion, Power, Guilt, and the Charity of Families (with Catherine Shields) (drama)
1997 Larry’s Party (novel)
1998 Anniversary (with Dave Williamson) (drama)
1999 Dressing Down (stories)
2000 Dressing Up for the Carnival (stories)
2001 Jane Austen (biography)
2002 Unless (novel)
2004 Collected Stories (stories)
2016 Startle and Illuminate : Carol Shields on Writing