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Wilson Harris was born in 1921 in New Amsterdam, Guyana and educated at Queen’s College, Georgetown. He became a government surveyor and led many expeditions into the interior to do mapping. This had a considerable influence on his writing. He emigrated to London in 1959, living first in London and then in Essex. He started off writing poetry when still in Guyana and is known as a writer of many avant-garde novels, many of which are out of print. His novels make full use of the landscape of his native country as well of the multiracial culture of Guyana. He died in 2018.

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1951 Fetish (poetry)
1954 Eternity to Season (poetry)
1960 Palace of the Peacock (part 1 of the Guyana Quartet)
1961 The Far Journey of Oudin (part 2 of the Guyana Quartet)
1962 The Whole Armour (part 3 of the Guyana Quartet)
1963 The Secret Ladder (part 4 of the Guyana Quartet)
1964 Heartland
1965 The Eye of the Scarecrow
1967 The Waiting Room
1967 Tradition, the Writer and Society
1968 Tumatumari
1970 Ascent to Omai
1970 The Sleepers of Roraima, A Carib Trilogy
1970 History, Fable and Myth in the Caribbean and Guianas
1971 The Age of the Rainmakers
1972 Black Marsden
1974 Fossil and Psyche
1975 Companions of the Day and Night
1977 Da Silva da Silva’s Cultivated Wilderness and Genesis of the Clowns
1978 The Tree of the Sun
1981 Explorations
1982 The Angel at the Gate
1983 The Womb of Space: The Cross-Cultural Imagination
1985 Carnival
1987 The Infinite Rehearsal
1990 The Four Banks of the River of Space
1992 The Radical Imagination (Lectures and Talks by Wilson Harris)
1993 The Carnival Trilogy (Carnival; The Infinite Rehearsal; The Four Banks of the River of Space )
1993 Resurrection at Sorrow Hill
1996 Jonestown
1999 Selected Essays of Wilson Harris: The Unfinished Genesis of the Imagination
2001 The Dark Jester
2003 The Mask of the Beggar
2006 The Ghost of Memory