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Sharon Maas was born in Georgetown in 1951 of mixed Indian, African and European ancestry. Her father was press secretary to a politician who was twice prime minister. After getting her A levels in England, she worked as a reporter and then travelled in Latin America and Asia. She lived in Germany with her first husband and then in England and Germany with her second husband. She has published three novels.

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Sharon Maas


1990 Of Marriageable Age (novel)
2002 Peacocks Dancing (novel)
2004 The Speech of Angels (novel)
2005 Stories of Strength (stories)
2011 Sons of Gods -Mahabharata (novel)
2015 The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q (novel)
2015 Of Marriageable Age (novel)
2015 The Secret Life of Winnie Cox (novel)
2016 The Sugar Planter’s Daughter (novel)
2017 The Orphan of India (novel)
2017 The Lost Daughter of India (novel)
2017 Girl from the Sugar Plantation (novel)
2018 The Soldier’s Girl (novel)
2019 Violin Maker’s Daughter(novel)
2020 Her Darkest Hour (novel)