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Sonallah Ibrahim (aka Ṣunʿ Allāh Ibrāhīm) was born in Cairo in 1937. His father was a civil servant and his mother a nurse. He studied law at Cairo University. He joined the Marxist Democratic Movement for National Liberation but when Nasser decided to repress the communists, he was jailed for seven years, but released after five when Khrushchev visited the Aswan Dam. He decided to become a writer while in prison. He has gone on to write several novels, some of which have been translated into English.

Books about Sonallah Ibrahim

Paul Starkey: Sonallah Ibrahim Rebel with a Pen

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(Note: Only books in English translation)

1966 تلك الرائحة (The Smell of It) (novel)
1981 اللجنة (The Committee ) (novel)
1984 بيروت بيروت (Beirut, Beirut) (novel)
1992 ذات (Zaat) (novel)
2000 وردة (Warda) (novel)
2007 التلصص (Stealth) (novel)
2008 العمامة والقبعة (The Turban and the Hat) (novel)
2009 الجليد (Ice) (novel)
2020 1970 (The Last Days)