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Evelyne Accad was born in Beirut in 1943. She was educated in Beirut and then in the USA, including a Ph. D. from Indiana University. She has been a professor at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana since 1974 in French, Comparative Literature, African Studies, Women Studies and Middle-East Studies. As well as a writer, she is also an accomplished singer and songwriter.

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1978 Veil of Shame: The Role of Women in the Modern Fiction of North Africa and the Arab World
1982 L’Excisée (The Excised)
1986 Contemporary Arab Women Writers and Poets (with Rose Ghuraeb)
1988 Coquelicot du massacre (Poppy from the Massacre)
1990 Sexuality and War
1993 Blessures des Mots: Journal de Tunisie (Wounding Words: A Woman’s Journal in Tunisia)
1993 Des femmes, des hommes et la guerre: Fiction et Realité au Proche-Orient
2000 Voyages en cancer
2001 The Wounded Breast
2008 Femmes du crépuscule
2016 Blessures des mots : journal de Tunisie : roman témoignage (Wounding Words: A Woman’s Journal in Tunisia)
2019 Un amour tissé dans la tourmente : récit à trois voix (story)