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Adania Shibli was born in 1974 in Palestine.She holds a Ph.D. from the University of East London in Media and Cultural Studies. Her dissertation was called Visual Terror: A Study of the Visual Compositions of the 9/11 Attacks and Major Attacks in the ‘War on Terror’ by British and French Television Networks. he also completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the EUME c/o the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin. She has been a visiting professor in the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at Birzeit University since 2013. She has written novels, plays, short stories, and narrative essays. Three of her novels have been published in English. In October 2023, she was be be presented an award at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Following the Hamas attacks and Israeli response in October 2023, the award was cancelled, which causes an uproar. See links below for more details.

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Adania Shibli
Adania Shibli
Adania Shibli
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Adania Shibli
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(Only books translated into English)

2001 مساس، (Touch)
2004 بذات المقدار عن الحب (We are All Equally Far from Love)
2013 Keep Your Eye on the Wall: Palestinian Landscapes
2017 وسفر الاختفاءتفصيل ثانوي (Minor Detail)