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Yasmin Zahran


Yasmin Zahran was born in1933 in Ramallah. She graduated from Columbia University and the University of London. She received a PhD in archaeology from the Sorbonne . She worked for UNESCO at the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology. `she is the cofounder of the Jerusalem-based Institute of Islamic Archaeology which was established in 1992. Most of her work has been written in English, including two novels.

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Yasmin Zahran
Yasmin Zahran


(only books written in English)

1995 A Beggar at Damascus Gate (novel)
2000 Septimius Severus : Countdown to Death (history
2001 Philip the Arab : A Study in Prejudice (history
2006 Ghassan Resurrected (history)
2009 Lakhmids of Hira (history)
2010 Zenobia : Between Reality and Legend (history)
2011 Lament for Jerusalem (history)
2016 The Chaldean Prophecy (novel)
2017 The Golden Tail: And Other Stories