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Ghazi Algosaibi (Al-Gosaibi) was born in Hofuf (Al Ahsa province) in 1940. He came from a very rich family. His mother died when he was nine months old and he was brought up by his grandmother. His father was in Bahrain for much of his childhood, so he was educated there. He took a law degree from the University of Cairo. He then did a degree in international relations at the University of Southern California. He subsequently took a Ph. D. in law at University College London.

He initially worked as a lecturer at King Saud University before taking up various senior positions in Saudi companies. He was involved in government and became minister of industry and electricity before becoming chairman of the newly formed Saudi Basic Industries Corporation. He held other positons, including minister of health, from which he was suddenly removed without explanation, though he had written a critical poem. He was then ambassador to Bahrain and then to the United Kingdom, from which he was also removed for writing an unacceptable poem. He later held various ministerial posts.

He was known as liberaliser in the conservative Saudi society, which made him enemies.
He published over forty books, including poetry, novels, stories, essays and an autobiography. Two of his novels and some of his poetry and non-fiction have been published in English. He died of colon cancer in 2010.

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(Only books translated into English)

1978 From the Orient and the Desert (selections of poems)
1982 Arabian Essays (selected essays)
1991 أزمة الخليج : محاولة للفهم (The Gulf Crisis : An Attempt to Understand)
1992 التنميه : الاسئلة الكبرى (The Dilemma of Development)
1994 شقة الحرية (An Apartment Called Freedom)
1995 Dusting the Colour from Roses (selections of poems)
1998 ٧ (Seven) (novel)
2001 حكاية حب (A Love Story)
2004 Revolution in the Sunnah (selected essays)
2005 قصيبي، غازي عبد الرحمن (Flight of the Falcon) (poetry)