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Shahan Shahnour


Shahan Shahnour was born Shahnour Kerestejian in 1903 in Istanbul. After high school, he did translations for a local Armenian newspaper and then moved to Paris in 1923, where he worked as a photographer. After publishing a novel and short stories, he got osteolysis, from which he suffered the rest of his life. After the war, he started writing in French under the name Armen Lubin, mainly poetry, and had a certain amount of success. He died in 1974.

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Armenian books – only those translated into English
1929 Նահանջը առանց երգի (Retreat without Song)
1984 The Tailor’s Visitors (stories)

As Armen Lubin
1942 Fouiller avec rien
1946 Le passager clandestin
1951 Sainte patience
1955 Transfert nocturne
1957 Les hautes terrasses
1968 Feux contre feux
1983 Les logis provisoires
1984 L’étranger