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Sadriddin Aini was born in 1878 in Saktara in the then Emirate of Bokhara. His parents died when he was twelve and he moved to Bokhara to live with his older brother, where he attended a madrasa. He became a supporter of the Russian Revolution. He managed to survive the Stalinist purges and was a member of the Tajik Supreme Soviet. He wrote the first Tajikistani novel in Tajik and went on to write novels and poetry as well as a well-received set of memoirs. He died in 1954.

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Sadriddin Aini


(Only books translated into English)

1937 Марги судхур (Death of a Money Lender)
1950 Ёддоштҳо (Bukhara: Reminiscences; The Sands of Oxus: Boyhood Reminiscences of Sadriddin Aini) (Note that the English books are excerpts from his four-volume memoirs)
1958 Мухтасари тарҷимаи ҳоли худам (Pages From My Own Story: Memoirs)