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Berdi Kerbabaev


Berdi Kerbabaev was born in Kouki-Zeren (present-day Tejen) in 1894. After a traditional Muslim education in a madrasa in Bokhara, he studied Oriental Studies at Leningrad State University. He became a Bolshevik and was supportive of Soviet reforms and critical of older traditions. He was arrested in the Stalinist purges of 1933 but survived. He wrote novels, poems and plays and translated Russian writers into Turkmen. He died in 1974.

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Berdi Kerbabaev
Caravanbashi of Turkmen literature


(Only works translated into German)

1947 Aĭgytly ădim (Der entscheidende Schritt) [The Decisive Step]
1949 Aÿsoltan (Aisoltan aus dem Lande des weissen Goldes)
1973 Suw damjasy, altyn dănesi (Ein Tropfen Wasser, ein Körnchen Gold)