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Mo Yan was born Guan Moye to a peasant family in Gaomi in Shandong Province in 1955. His education ended in 1966 when the Cultural Revolution broke out when he worked as a peasant. He subsequently worked in a factory before joining the army, where he became a member of the cultural department. His main inspiration still remains the Gaomi area though he combines both the urban and the rural and the historical and the present. His pen name means don’t speak. He won The Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012.

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(only books translated into English)
1986 透明的红萝卜 (Radish)
1987 红高粱家族 (Red Sorghum)
1989 天堂蒜薹之歌 (The Garlic Ballads)
1991 Explosions and Other Stories
1992 酒国 (The Republic of Wine)
1996 丰乳肥臀 (Big Breasts and Wide Hips)
2000 红傅越来越幽默 (Shifu, You’ll Do Anything for a Laugh)
2001 檀香刑 (Sandalwood Death)
2003 四十一炮 (Pow!)
2006 生死疲劳 (Life and Death are Wearing Me Out)
2009 蛙 (Frog)
2010 Selected Stories
2010 变 (Change) (originally published as part of 红傅越来越幽默 (Shifu, You’ll Do Anything for a Laugh)
2020 晚熟的人 (A Late Bloomer)