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Pa Chin (aka Ba Jin) (real name: Li Feigan) was born in 1904 in Chengdu. His father was a Government official so he received a good education. He was very much influenced by the May Fourth Movement and, after attending school and university, wrote articles about anarchism. In 1927 he went to France where he wrote his first novel, about an anarchist. He adopted his pen name, which was taken from the first syllable of Bakunin and the last of Kropotkin. He returned to China in 1929 and made a career as a writer. However, he was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution but rehabilitated in 1977 and elected as chair of the Chinese Writers Association in 1981. He died in 2005.

Books about Pa Chin

Olga Lang: Pa Chin and his Writings

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(only books translated into English)
1933 家 (Family)
1938 春 (Spring)
1940 秋 (Autumn)
1946 第四病室 (Ward Number 4: A Novel of Wartime China)
1948 寒夜 (Cold Nights)
1954 生活书局在英雄们中间 (Living Amongst Heroes)
1959 场挽救生命的战斗 (A Battle for Life: a Full Record of how the Life of Steel Worker, Chiu Ts’ai-k’ang, was Saved in the Shanghai Kwangtze Hospital)
1979 随想录 (Random Thoughts)
1981 春天里的秋天 (Autumn in Spring and Other Stories)
1988 Selected works of Ba Jin