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Yuri Rytkheu


Yuri Rytkheu was born in Uelen, Chukotka in 1930 to a family of trappers and hunters. After school, he worked odd jobs to enable him to go to Leningrad where he studied literature at the Leningrad State University. At this time he started writing and his stories were published in various magazines. His first collection of stories was published in 1953. He also translated major Russan authors into Chukchi. He became a journalist, working for a while in Magadan, before returning to Leningrad, where he spent the rest of his life. He travelled extensively and even gave lectures in English. He died in 2008.

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Yuri Rytkheu


(only books translated into English)

1958 Old Memyl Laughs Last: Short Stories
1970 Сон в начале тумана (A Dream in Polar Fog) (novel)
1977 Reborn to a Full Life
1977 Когда уходят киты (When the Whales Leave)
1981 From Nomad Tent to University
2004 Последний шаман (The Chukchi Bible)