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Achdiat Mihardja was born in Garut, West Java in 1911. His family was a devout Muslim family, of Sundanese descent. His father was a bank manager. Miharjda worked as a journalist, teacher and editor. During the Indonesian Revolution, he founded a newspaper and was part of the underground resistance. He was a member of the Socialist Party but it was banned by his friend, President Sukarno. He became head of the Jakarta Cultural Division of the Department of Education, before moving to Australia where he taught Indonesian and where he spent the rest of his life. He is best-known for his novel Atheis (Atheis), which has become one of the key novels of Indonesian literature. He died in 2010.

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1949 Atheis (Atheis)
1952 Bentrokan Dalam Asrama
1956 Keretakan dan Ketegangan
1960 Kesan dan Kenangan
1973 Debu Cinta Berterbangan
1975 Belitan Nasib
1975 Pembunuhan dan Anjing Hitam
1977 Pak Dullah in Extremis
1997 Si Kabayan, Manusia Lucu.
2005 Si Kabayan Nongol di Zaman Jepang
2005 Manifesto Khalifatullah