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Shahriar Mandanipour was born in Shiraz in 1957. He studied political science at Tehran University but had always planned to be a writer. He was very much a witness of the 1979 Revolution. He volunteered for the army during the Iran-Iraq /war, serving at the front. His first collection of stories was published in 1989. He continued to write but was not published because of the censorship, till 1997. He was editor-in–chief of the literary journal Asr-e Panjshanbeh (Thursday Evening) till it was banned in 2007. In 2006, he moved to the United States, where he has taught and where he has continued to write and publish stories, essays and novels. He currently teaches creative writing as a visiting Professor of the Practice at Tufts University.

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2010 سانسور یک داستان عاشقانهٔ ایرانی (Censoring an Iranian Love Story) (novel)
2018 ابرو هلالی (Moonbrow) (novel)