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Kyusaku Yumeno was born Taido Sugiyama in Fukuoka in 1889. His father was Shigemaru Sugiyama, a key figure in the Meiji era ultranationalist movement. He was brought up by his paternal grandfather, who introduced him to the Chinese classics. He was a brilliant students and very talented at drawing but had severe health problems. He studied literature at Keio University but dropped out to take care of the family farm. He became a Buddhist priest in 1926 but after two years, left and returned home. He then became a journalist and started writing fiction. His first success was with a novella published in a magazine. He went on to write several novels as well as short stories. He is best-known for his novel ドグラマグラ (Dogra Magra). He died in 1936.

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Yumeno Kyūsaku


(Only works translated into Western European languages)

1935 ドグラマグラ (Dogra Magra)