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Mieko Kawakami was born in 1976 in Osaka. She started her career as a singer-songwriter, producing three albums. She then wrote a prose-poem. Her first novella My Ego Ratio, My Teeth, and the World won the Tsubouchi Shoyo Prize for Young Emerging Writers. She won the prestigious Akutagawa Prize for her next novella 乳と卵 (Breasts and Eggs). She has since published novels and stories. Her brother, Toshiaki Kawakami, is a rugby player.

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(Only books translated into English)

2008 乳と卵 (Breasts and Eggs)
2009 ヘヴン (Heaven)
2011 すべて真夜中の恋人たち (All the Lovers in the Night)
2013 ミス・アイスサンドイッチ (Ms Ice Sandwich) (note that this book is part of a longer book, published in Japan as あこがれ (Longing))
2023 黄色い家 (Sisters in Yellow)