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Mori Ōgai was born in Tsuwano in 1862. He descended from a family of doctors and it was naturally assumed he would follow in the family tradition. After the Meiji Restoration, the family moved to Tokyo where Ōgai studied German, the language in which medicine was generally taught. He graduated from the government medical school, aged nineteen, the youngest ever to graduate from that school. He enlisted in the army and was commissioned as a deputy surgeon. After studying in Germany, he returned to Japan and was promoted several times. He started both producing a medical journal and a literary journal. He served in Manchuria and Taiwan and was eventually promoted Surgeon General of the Army. In the meantime, he had been translating European authors into Japanese and writing fiction and, later biographies. He died in 1922.

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Mori Ōgai
Mori Ōgai
Mori Ōgai


(Only works translated into English)

1890 舞姫 (The Dancing Girl)
1909 ヰタ・セクスアリス (Vita Sexualis)
1915 山椒大夫 (Sansho the Steward)
1915 雁 (The Wild Geese; The Wild Goose; Gan)
1916 (高瀬舟 (The Boat on the Takase River )
1938 阿部一族 (The Abe Family)
1977 The Incident at Sakai and Other Stories
1977 Saiki Kōi and Other Stories
1994 Youth and Other Stories
2004 Not a Song Like Any Other: An Anthology Of Writings by Mori Ogai