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Ryu Murakami was born in Nagasaki in 1952. He enrolled in the Musashino University of Art in Tokyo but dropped out to become a writer. He had considerable success with his first novel – 限りなく透明に近いブルー (Almost Transparent Blue) – which won awards and was translated into many languages. He has been very prolific but few of his works have been translated into English. He has also made several films, based on his novels. His work あの金で何が買えたか (What Could We Have Done With That Money?), about the huge payout made by the Japanese government to bail out the banks, was very controversial in Japan.

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(only books translated into English)
1971 昭和歌謡大全集 (Popular Hits of the Showa era)
1976 限りなく透明に近いブルー (Almost Transparent Blue)
1984 コインロッカー・ベイビーズ (Coin Locker Babies)
1990 69 (69: Sixty-Nine)
1993 愛と幻想のファシズム (Popular Hits of the Showa Era)
1994 ピアッシング (Piercing)
1997 イン ザ・ミソスープ (In the Miso Soup)
2000 ストレイト・ストーリー (The Straight Story)
2000 オーディション (Audition)
2005 半島を出よ (From the Fatherland, with Love)
2016 Tokyo Decadence (stories from various collections)