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Yūko Tsushima was born in 1947 in Mitaka, Tokyo. She was the daughter of the writer Osamu Dazai. He committed suicide when she was one year old. She studied English literature at the Shirayuri Women’s University and then at Meiji University graduate school. She published her first fiction while still at university and her first collection of stories when twenty-four. The mother-child theme was key to her work though she also wrote about the death of her son from respiratory disease. Her sister Sonoko was Minister of Health while her sister Haruko Ota is an author and her daughter Kaori is a playwright. She died of lung cancer in 2016.

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Yūko Tsushima
Yūko Tsushima
Yūko Tsushima


(Only books translated into English)

1978 寵児 (Child of Fortune)
1979 光の領分 (Territory of Light)
1980 山を走る女 (Woman Running in the Mountains)
1988 The Shooting Gallery & Other Stories
2001 笑い狼 (Laughing Wolf)
2018 犬と塀について (Of Dogs and Walls)