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Bapsi Sidhwa was born in Karachi and grew up in Lahore. She is a Parsi. She began writing after the birth of her three children and after visiting an isolated mountainous region of India and learning of the tragedy of a runaway bride. She had to publish her first novel herself as there was virtually no opportunity for publishing in English in Pakistan at that time. Since then she has become an acclaimed author and has taught in the United States. She now lives in Houston, Texas.

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1978 The Crow Eaters
1982 The Bride
1988 Ice-Candy-Man [US: Cracking India]
1993 An American Brat
2001 Bapsi Sidhwa Omnibus
2006 Water
2006 City of Sin and Splendour: Writings on Lahore
2012 Jungle Wala Sahib
2013 Their Language of Love