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F(rancisco) Sionil José was born in Rosales, Pangasinan in 1924. He had to work as a labourer to support his family when young but studied at the University of Santo Tomás and then took some pre-med courses, before starting a career as a journalist. He has worked as a journalist, founded a publishing house, run a bookshop and art gallery as well as working as an editor. His work has focused on the history of the Philippines as well as on the plight of the underprivileged. He died in 2022.

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1953 The Chief Mourner (novel)
1956 The Balete Tree (novel)
1962 The Pretenders (US: The Samsons) (novel)
1968 The God Stealer and Other Stories (stories)
1978 Tree (US: Don Vicente) (novel)
1979 My Brother, My Executioner (US: Don Vicente) (novel)
1980 Waywaya and Other Short Stories from the Philippines (later: Waywaya: Eleven Filipino Stories) (stories)
1982 Mass (later: Mis; US: The Samsons) (novel)
1982 Two Filipino Women (novellas)
1983 Platinum: Ten Filipino Stories (stories)
1985 Po-on (US: Dusk) (novel)
1988 Ermita (novel)
1988 Olvidon and Other Stories (stories)
1988 Questions (poetry)
1988 Literature and Liberation (essays)
1991 Gagamba, the Spiderman (novel)
1992 Three Filipino Women (novellas)
1993 Viajero (novel)
1994 Sin (US: Sins) (novel)
1998 Puppy Love and Thirteen Short Stories (stories)
1998 In Search of the Word: Selected Essays of F. Sionil José
1999 We Filipinos: Our Moral Malaise, Our Heroic Heritage (essays)
2000 Soba, Senbei and Shibuya: A Memoir of Post-War Japan
2001 Ben Singkol (novel)
2001 The God Stealer and Other Short Stories
2004 The Molave and The Orchid (children’s)
2005 Heroes in the Attic, Termites in the Sala: Why We are Poor (essays)
2006 This I Believe: Gleanings from a Life in Literature (essays)
2007 Vibora! (novel)
2008 Sherds (novel)
2008 Muse and Balikbayan (drama)
2008 To the Young Writer and Other Essays
2008 Short Stories
2008 Why We Are Hungry: Rats In The Kitchen, Carabaos In The Closet (essays)
2011 The Feet of Juan Bacnang (novel)
2016 Selected Stories